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Shown below are the pages from our Dowling Graphics custom artwork submission guidelines, and a few basic hints for creating artwork for use with Plastisol Heat Transfers and, for ordering from Dowling Graphics. Please click on the thumbnail images to view the page in it's full resolution.

Please make sure you have reviewed artwork guidelines prior to uploading artwork.

25 Piece Minimum for Spot Color 300 Piece Minimum for Process Color

If you would like to submit artwork to Dowling Graphics via email, please send your files to If you would like to submit artwork to Dowling Graphics that is too large for e-mail, please contact us by phone at 1-800-749-6933, 727-573-5997 or email your Account Representative so we can set up a dropbox for you. You will just need to let us know your Name, Company Name and Email Address you wish to use as your user name. We will then create the drop box and give you a password to access it.

You can then click on this link to access your login page and send us your files.   UPLOAD Upload_thumb.jpg arrow pointing left  to upload link


You will be asked to enter your username (the email address you provided to us) and then your password. Once you click the log in button you will see an upload document link, click on that link and it will then open an Attach File window with a Browse button to the right of it. Browse to the location of the file you wish to upload and select it. Once you have selected your file click the upload button and you are done. We will be automatically notified that you have uploaded a file for us.

Download the guidelines in a PDf here: Dowling Custom Transfer Guide

  • Dowling Art Submission Guidelines Pt. 1
  • Dowling Art Submission Guidelines Pt. 2
  • Dowling Art Submission Guidelines - Line Weights
  • Dowling Art Submission Guidelines - Halftones
  • Dowling Color Chart
  • Spot VS 4 Color Process Printing Methods
  • Dowling Heat Transfer Pressing Guide
  • Dowling Heat Transfer Troubleshooting
  • Dowling Graphics Four Color Process Tag Run
  • Express 2nd Day Turnaround Service
  • Dowling Graphics Custom Heat Transfer Information
  • Ordering Information

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